Hour registration

This page tells you more about registering your hours worked. You can register these hours in our online portal e-UUR. You will find your e-UUR page at the homepage of the Mettom Portal. Follow the instruction below to submit your hours.


As soon as you are logged in to your personal Mettom Account you can click on the tile ‘e-UUR’. You will be redirected to our online platform where you can register the hours you have worked. There you will find a green tile called ‘UREN/DECLARATIES INVULLEN’ which creates a new time sheet.

Time Sheet

The time sheet shows an overview per week with the assorted week numbers. The page shows ‘Uren gewerkt [normal] 100%. The free fields can be used to register the hours worked. Note, all figures after the decimal point (minutes worked) shall be expressed in hundredths. For example, if you’ve worked 4hours and 30 minutes, you register 4,5. You can register the hours each day, week or month (depending on when you’ll get paid) and save the time sheet by clicking the button ‘save’. As soon as the hour sheet is complete you can forward it to your superior/organisation for a final check. Mettom will receive the hours worked after your superior/organisation gives their approval. If you click the button ‘Overig’ you have the possibility to optionally add an attachment or to delete a time sheet.

Weekly payment

You’ll get your salary and payment slip each Friday. The approved time sheet has to be received by Mettom each Tuesday afternoon. Make sure you will register and forward the sheet as soon as possible. If Mettom hasn’t received the sheet by Tuesday afternoon the hours worked will be paid a week later.

Monthly payment

On the salary calendar you can find the date on which you will get paid (blue). Your time sheet has to be received by Mettom no later than 4 days before the payment date. If later, we won’t be able to process the hours and you’ll get them paid one week later. You may find it useful to register your hours worked during the month or directly when the month ends. If you know you won’t make any more hours you can also forward the time sheet before the month ends.