Pay-out holiday reservations

If you are an on-call worker you can decided when to pay-out your built holiday hours. This page will explain how you can do that.

When you log in to the Mettom Portal you can press the button ‘Pay-out holiday reservations’ on the ‘My Mettom’ page. On this page, there is an overview of the holiday hours you have gained.

When you press the button ‘Reservations paid out’ the window below will open. Here, you can insert the number of hours you want to be paid out. Afterwards, press ‘Create’ to submit the pay out. It is recommended to not pay out more than 40 hours. 

The salary calendar shows you when the hours are paid out of submitted on a certain day.

The overview ‘Requested pay outs’ shows you the requests that are already processed. 

Important note: your balance will be updated within 24 hours after your submission.