Leave portal

This page provides you information regarding requesting and correcting leave, checking your leave balance and how to access the leave portal.


You can declare your travel costs through completing a time sheet in our online portal e-UUR. You can access the leave portal by clicking on this link. You log in with the credentials known to you. Press the ‘My leave’ till to access the leave portal. 

Leave balance

Your leave balance can be found at the bottom right of the leave portal. If you wish to find out how this balance is made, select the ‘amount’ overview. Note, leave is granted based on the current calendar year. Therefore, if your employment contract ends before the end of the current year, your leave balance takes that into account. 

Request leave

Press the ‘Request leave’ button to send in your leave request. Insert the start and end date of your leave. The number of hours of your leave will be calculated automatically based on a standard work schedule. It is recommended to check this calculated number. If the number of leave hours does not match with your work schedule, you can adjust the amount of leave hours. 

Correct leave

To correct your leave request, press the ‘Withdraw leave’ button. This way an approved leave request can be withdrawn. 

In addition, you can register ‘time for time’ hours (TVT). This means raising your holiday balance and this happens for instance when you have worked time-for-time hours. For this, click the action button ‘tijd voor tijd’ ‘.

Please beware, not everyone can register ’time for time’. This is only possible if your employer works with time for time (t.v.t) hours.